Sunday, June 27, 2010


I missed last week's post because Mom, Dad, Dolly, and I were up in Calistoga, relaxing in the geothermal mineral pools.  With any luck, Sonoma County will be my parents' new home very soon.  It feels good to bring the family together.  If only I had been motivated to move everyone out to California when Mike was still alive.  I couldn't even convince him to visit me.  He'd only been on an airplane twice in his life.  If Mike hadn't died, my parents might have moved to Virginia Beach to be near him.  Now they have the house up for sale, and are moving west to be with us.

I thought about Mike a lot while they were here, more than usual.  I like thinking about him, but it is hard to think about his death.  On their last day in town we were in Golden Gate Park:  "There's the de Young . . . there's the Academy of Sciences . . . and there's the park bench where I was sitting when you called to tell me Mike was dead."

Sometimes I still can't believe he's gone.

We visited Mission Dolores one day, and lit a candle for Mike in the Basilica.  With all our love, our memories will live on, and we'll never forget.

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  1. I was hoping Grae and his girlfriend would come snd visit us in USA at some stage. We live in a beautiful area on the shore of Lake Norman in North Carolina. He always said that he couldn't afford it. That was part of his illness I think. Too busy counting pennies and not enjoying his life. Now part of him lies scattered under my beautiful Japanese Maple tree with a beautiful view of the lake. I go down there most days and say a few words to him. I have hung solar lights in the trees nearby so that it's never dark. My sister has part of him in Canada at her house,coincidentally also under a Japanese
    Maple tree, and some more ashes scattered along the shoreline of her weekend cottage in Quebec. Corna has some of him in a beautiful little box, and my parents have the rest of him in an urn. My mom says as long as she lives she wants him with her. One day I may bring all of their ashes over here, together with my oarents dogs' ashes, and sprinkle them all over my wooded garden. We have beautiful azaleas and rhododendrons here that are glorious in spring