Sunday, March 21, 2010

Countdown to the Memorial

Mike’s memorial is one week from tomorrow.  Lately I’ve been channeling my grief into planning for the event.  I spent most of the weekend digging through old photographs for the slideshow we’re making.  I’ll add more when I get to West Virginia next weekend.  My parents ordered the flowers.  I am confirming the speakers.  Mike’s best friend Chas is going to speak.  I asked Mike’s friend Jeff to speak, too.  Dad might say a few words, if he’s up for it.  Mom will just try to make it through the day.  I will speak, though I’m not yet sure what I will say.  Eulogy for my baby brother.  I still have a week to write it.  Mom and Dad talked to the priest.  I will pick out the music.  Mom and Dad ordered the food.  I ran Mike’s obituary in our hometown newspaper, though none of us has lived there in years.  Mom and Dad will run an announcement about the memorial in their local newspaper.  I have been sending out emails.  Dolly wants to buy a funeral dress.  Mom and Dad called the funeral home.  The funeral home will call the cemetery to make arrangements for the internment.  I will borrow a projector for the slideshow.  Mom and Dad will pick out photographs to bring to the church.  The funeral home will bring the ashes to the church.  I will write a eulogy for my baby brother.

One hundred six days since Mike has been gone.  Eight days until Mike’s memorial.  Keeping busy, keeping time.

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